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We received a significant amount of spam in our Trac issue-tracking system, so we have closed it to anonymous entries and deleted all issues entered prior to January 18, 2007. If you would like to create a ticket, please send an email with [TRAC login] as the subject to jp298_at_cornell_dot_edu. You must have created a login at the main NSDL Registry site or the sandbox, and your email must contain your login id from there.

Welcome to the Metadata Registry development wiki

This wiki is primarily for documenting the development of The Registry and it's related software.

It also provides a way to  browse the code in our  subversion repository, check our progress along our  roadmap, and  view and  submit bug reports and feature requests.

The Registry source code has been released under the  GNU AGPL and the current version of the code can be downloaded using the link: We intend to employ a relatively frequent production release process once we get a little bit farther along, and at that point you'll start seeing tagged releases in the code repository. Right now everything is in '/trunk'.

One important point to make about the Metadata Registry is that even though the site and the database are still under development, we have a commitment to maintaining the integrity of the data that's stored there as well as the permanence of the URIs that are managed and maintained on the site. User interfaces, APIs, even the underlying storage structure may change over time but this will be accomplished without changes to URI structure or data loss.

The Registry Team

Starting Points

  • -- The live production metadata registry
  • DevelopmentDocs -- The primary development-related documentation
  • InstallDocs -- Installation instructions for your very own version
  • DatabaseUpdates -- When we change the database structure, we'll post dated migration scripts here.
  • The main wiki -- The main project wiki where we keep project discussions, notes, and related documentation
  • The Registry web site -- The primary public information site for the project
  • The Registry Blog -- where we make and invite comments about metadata registries in general

For a complete list of local wiki pages, see TitleIndex.